Characterized Cell Line Core (CCLC)

    Agda Karina B. Eterovic (Manager)

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    Between 18 and 36% of cell lines are either misidentified or cross-contaminated1. In the NCI60 set, three lines are duplicates (MDAMB435/M14, MCF7-ADR/OVCAR8 and U373/SNB1.9). Genetic drift has introduced mutations in key regulatory pathways, leading to contradictory results from different laboratories. A recent notice from NIH requires cell line validation for grant applications to be considered of the highest quality2. Journals such as Science, Nature and PNAS are adopting requirements for cell line validation for publication. Cell lines that have been extensively characterized at the DNA, RNA and protein levels will allow investigators to choose the correct cell line for their research. Pre-characterized cell lines will decrease the cost to researchers since this will eliminate repeat analysis. Thus, cell line validation is a critical issue for both scientific publications and grant applications.

    Sequenom MassARRAY system
    STR Validation
    Mutational Analysis
    Mycoplasma (MycoAlert)
    Distribution of Cell Lines


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