High Resolution Electron Microscopy Facility (HREMF)

  • Robert R. Langley (Director)

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    The High Resolution Electron Microscopy Facility (HREMF) provides a resource to the scientific community at MD Anderson for high resolution imaging of cells, tissues, organs or polymers containing cancer agents. The facility is located at the Smith Research Building (South Campus) and houses a JEM1010 transmission electron microscope (TEM), a JSM 5900 scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with electron backscatter detector, a Technotrade coating system, a Leica Ultramicrotome, Leica Ultrastainer and other accessories needed to prepare samples for SEM and TEM. A technician with histological training is available to assist researchers in defining their specific needs related to SEM and TEM. Microscopes are equipped with digital cameras and are connected to the internet. The facility operates on a charge-back basis only for processing of samples and the number of microscope hours used to examine samples with technical assistance.
    JSM 5900 Scanning Electron Microscope (Jeol USA, Inc.)
    JEM 1010 Transmission Electron Microscope (Jeol USA, Inc.)
    Leica EM Ultrastainer
    Leica Ultramicrotome
    Bal-Tex MED 020 Coating System
    Polaron Critical Point Dryer
    SEM Micoscopy
    TEM Micoscopy


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