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Laboratory Animal Genetic Services provides MD Anderson investigators with cost-effective, customized genetic analysis for research laboratory animal studies. Polymorphic genetic markers are used to support speed congenic development, background strain characterization, genetic quality control and genetic linkage analysis for mice and rats. Consultation on rodent genetics as well as infectious disease PCR testing for laboratory mice and rats is also provided by this core facility.
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Background Characterization
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Background Characterization with SNPs
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Genetic Monitoring
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Linkage Analysis
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Polymorphism Test
Lab Animal Genetic Services__CONSULTATION
Lab Animal Genetic Services__DNA Extraction
Lab Animal Genetic Services__H2 Haplotyping
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Microbial PCR
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Microbial Extraction
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Sex Determination
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Microsatellite Instability Assay
Lab Animal Genetic Services__Restriction Enzyme Assay


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