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The Biospecimen Extraction Resource (BER) provides a centralized laboratory for standardized, high-quality DNA, RNA and protein extraction from blood, tissues, saliva, cells, or other patient-derived biospecimens. Additional services include DNA gel electrophoresis, Picogreen DNA quantitation, real-time PCR DNA quantitation, and whole blood processing for lymphocytes and plasma. Our facility is utilized by both lab-based investigators who want fast turn-around time for standardized and high-quality extractions or whole blood processing and non-lab-based investigators (majority are clinicians) who are in great need of the service of sample processing. High quality of DNA/RNA products is the foundation of successful cancer research such as analysis of genetic alterations, gene expression profiling and next generation sequencing. We work very closely with the Sequencing and Microarray Facility (SMF) and the DNA/RNA samples extracted from us can be submitted directly from our core to SMF across the hallway.
AutoGenFlex Star, DNA extraction
DNA Extraction from Blood, buffy coat or blood realted sample
DNA Extraction from Saliva
Processing of Whole Blood
DNA Extraction from Fresh Frozen Tissue
RNA Extraction from Fresh Frozen Tissue
DNA Extraction from Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embeded Tissue
Simultaneous DNA/RNA/protein extraction
DNA quality check by Gel-delectrophoresis
DNA quantiation by Pico-green Assay


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