Flow Cytometry and Cellular Imaging Facility (FCCIF)

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    PE Caliper Vectra 2 1 Cell Sorter: BD Aria Iiu, 3 lasers, 11-color BD LSRII, 4 lasers, 12 parameters BD FACSCalibur, 2 lasers, 4-color BD FACS Array, 2 lasers, 4-color BD FACS Array, 2 lasers, 4-color Olympus Microscope, IX71 Epi-fluorescence/histology Olympus Microscope, IX51 Epi-fluorescence/histology Olympus Microscope: IX 81 DSU Confocal BCI Gallios, 4 laser, 10 parameter BCI MoFlo Astrios, 5 lasers, 22 parameters w/ BSL2 hood Olympus FV1000 Laser Confocal Microscope DVS MassSpec-CyTOF WaferGen SS-200 Micro-incubation system with O2 control MassSpec-CyTOF Sony Eclipse 4-laser, 5-color flow cytometer with autosampler BCI Gallios, 3 lasers, 10 parameters BD LSR Fortessa, 4 lasers, 14-color 2 Cell Sorters: BD Aria IIu, 3 lasers, 11-color & 2 lasers, 7-color; Calibur Cell Analyzer Amnis Image Stream X MarkII Sony EC800Cell Analyzer Baker SterilGARD BSC for FACSJazz BD FACSCanto II analyzer, 3 lasers, 8-color with HTS BD FACS Jazz sorter, 2 lasers, 6-color BD Influx cell sorter, 5 lasers, 16-color BD Pathway 435 bioimager, 4-channel confocal Synergy Sony iCyt SY3200 cell sorter, 2 HAPS systems, 10 lasers, Baker BSC Flow Analysis, assisted Flow Imaging, assisted Flow Sorting, assisted Flow Analysis, unassisted Flow Imaging, unassisted Flow Sorting, unassisted mAB Conjugation Microscopy


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